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Fri to Sun from July 2020

Now that June has finished, I am back working on Fridays to Sundays. There is also an increase in my prices from this month forward..

There are changes to my practice due to COVID-19

*  There is 30 minute gap between clients to allow for additional cleaning and social distancing

*  All people who enter the salon/clinic shall have their temperature taken for Contact Tracing

*  A mask will be worn by me during all massages

*  Hand sanitiser is available all around the salon

*  If you feel unwell in anyway prior to your appointment, please phone the salon and re-schedule your appointment.

Relaxation and Remedial Massage Therapy



For that relaxing, "me time" for one hour to help you get back to being at your best

Remedial Massage

The premium choice to realign, stretch out those tired, aching muscles

Oncology Massage

Beneficial and very gentle massage for anyone dealing with cancer.

Pregnancy Massage

Designed especially for those expectant mothers who need some extra special treatment

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a wonderfully gentle treatment (without oil) that is able to be used on anyone. It is effective for people with excess fluid, joint inflammation, pre/post surgery (especially with Liposuction), sinus headaches, etc. Best of all it can even be used through clothing, as there is no oil used.

For further details click on "Services" above and then the massage you require.

NB: I am a sole trader, therefore I can only complete one massage treatment at a time.

This is NOT a sexual service.