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Australia Day - Alcohol & Drug Consumption

Posted on January 25, 2019 at 6:00 AM

Back in February 2015 I posted a blog called "When is enough, enough?" about alcohol consumption and its effects on our bodies.

Given that Australia Day is fast approaching and a lot of alcohol will be consumed on this day and the rest of the long weekend, I would like to see Australians start to think about the immediate and long term effects of alcohol on not only them, but those immediately around them, and those in the wider community.

Every day on the news someone is raped, murdered, stabbed, assaulted, punched, driven over, kicked, drowned, etc etc. It's absolutely sickening at how blase and apathetic we are in regarding this level of violence in our society. This violence is largely driven by the huge consumption of cheap illicit drugs which are practically given out like lollies at dance festivals, night clubs, and available on almost any corner. The spread of this illicit drug consumption is so widespread that even small country towns that never previously had a drug problem are now suffering with overdoses and a rise in crime.

At what point in our society and education and general care did we stop regarding our own safety when it comes to something as insidious as drug taking?  Drugs and alcohol have always been in society, but the level of drug taking by people considered to be "of reasonable mind" has increased by leaps and bounds. What makes people want to take drugs? Why do we need the feel to want to "feel" something else? Is society so horrific that we can no longer tolerate it when we are "straight" and not effected by drugs or alcohol?

If these are questions that have the answer of taking drugs or alcohol to excess, then society itself needs to take a long, hard look at itself and make some immediate changes.

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