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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (also known as MLD) is THE most gentle technique employed for any massage treatment. It is indeed so gentle that it wouldn't hurt a baby.

The purpose of the treatment is to encourage the lymphatic system to move more freely and let the lymph fluid flow through the body. MLD helps to remove blockages in any lymph nodes which are found throughout the body - around the neck, in the armpits, along the chest, stomach, top of the thighs, etc.

As with all massage therapies, MLD provides the greatest benefits when it is administered over a continual period of time. Relaxation massage, MLD and Remedial Massage assist the body's functions best when used in quick succession over a minimum period of 6 weeks.

  • Sinusitis / Sinus problems
  • Pre-op treatment and post-op treatment - helps the body eliminate toxins faster
  • Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2) - fluid retention, especially around the ankles and feet
  • Anxiety or stress - soothing touch
  • Poor circulation - helps to maintain good lymph flow