Allymac Massage Therapy

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Massage Packages - enquire via "Contact" page for further details

  • Head & Shoulders Package (30 mins) - Scalp, gentle face, neck and shoulders, arms, hands $45
  • Rejuvenating Relaxation Massage (90 mins) - So beautifully gentle and beneficial 30 mins of Lymphatic Drainage on face and neck, followed by an hour relaxation massage $125
  • Rejuvenation Package (2 hrs) - A combination of relaxation massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage $170
  • Relaxation & Foot Massage (90 mins) - Starting with a beautiful relaxing foot massage, completed with a Relaxation Massage (including scalp massage) $125
  • Remedial Massage Pack of 6 visits (1 hr each) - Remedial Massage Pack of 6 massages with a 10% discount $486 (reduced from $540)
  • Indulgent Relaxation Massage (1 hr) - Incredibly light, slow, rhythmical touch to create a feeling of floating. Excellent treatment for those with high stress levels and anxiety. Beneficial to people living with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other exhausting conditions $90.