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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage helps with circulation, skin tone and elasticity, fluid retention, muscle soreness from pressure and stretching, improves breathing capability, back ache, helps settle a restless unborn child, assists in better sleeping patterns, reduce anxiety or depression, leg ache and puffiness.

There are so many changes that a woman's body must go through before, during and after pregnancy that is it any wonder mothers, everywhere, feel exhausted. Not only are there physiological changes, but there are also psychological and emotional changes as well. These alone are exhausting enough, but help is at hand. Regular pregnancy massages are beneficial to both mother and unborn baby.

Unless there are symptoms or conditions that prevent a woman from receiving a massage, then it is very safe for a woman to enjoy the stress-relieving and therapeutic benefits.

The massage treatment is always conducted in a side-lying position, as this allows both the mother and the unborn baby to feel more relaxed, comfortable and is less threatening to the body's functions.

All consideration is given to ensure that the mother is feeling as comfortable as possible by placing pillows in and around her body. The treatment is a very gentle and fluid style, which should leave both the mother and child feeling relaxed and at ease. Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and comfort of Mum and Baby.