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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a comprehensive, general massage. Most people consider relaxation massage to be a luxury but is, in fact, a great health benefit to your body. Everybody moves at such a fast pace these days that it's very difficult to ever really relax. Regular "relaxation/therapeutic" massage can help to maintain good general health as it promotes relaxation of the entire nervous system, reduces muscle tension, improves sleep patterns.

During the massage you will start to feel your entire body melting into the table. Perhaps you may even drift off into dreamland (I always do). Relaxation massage is gentle with fluid movements to encourage the muscles to release tension.

  • Anxiety, Depression or Stress
  • Foot or Hand Massage
  • General wellbeing
  • Sleep quality improved
  • Swedish Massage

Hand / Foot Massage

If you are a little short of time but still want to indulge yourself, then consider a 30 minute relaxing foot massage. I use the beautiful Jessica Cosmetics ZenSpa products which are free from Parabens and other chemical nasties. The whole treatment is then finished with a refreshing spritz foot spray. One splash of cooling foot spray will send your feet into ecstasy! Natural botanicals and menthol instantly stimulates and revives tired, aching feet leaving them refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ticklish feet? Then consider a lovely hand massage. We use our hands so much that we never really let them rest or be pampered. If you don't like your feet touched, then this is something to think about. Jessica Cosmetics produce a beautiful, very lightly fragranced hand and body lotion that even the guys will like.